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Get Spectrum Internet Service

  • Internet speeds start at around 200 Mbps
  • Don’t worry about data caps and limits
  • You can stream videos, play amazing online games, & upload large files without worrying about speed & performance issues.

The Fastest Internet Speeds

Spectrum Internet provides one of the fastest internet services. You can enjoy playing games, stream videos in HD quality, share and upload files and do a lot more than that. You can connect and use multiple devices without adverse effects on your internet performance.

  • The internet speeds and performance is 20 times faster than a traditional DSL connection
  • Speeds starting at 200 Mbps and going up to 940 Mbps! (Available Internet speeds may vary by address)
  • This is fast enough to handle the needs of your family
  • There is no limit on the amount of data you use.
High speed internet

Connect using Spectrum email

  • You can use any internet connection to get access to your email account
  • It is compatible with almost all mail programs and Microsoft Outlook
  • You can access and check out your voicemail using Spectrum email accounts.
  • You get this email account free with Spectrum internet® services subscription

High-end Protection by Hackers, Spam and other Malicious Elements

  • Filter online content by using parental controls and protect around 3 computers
  • Get automatic updates and install them instantly
  • This is one of the free services that comes bundled with all Spectrum packages.
Internet security

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